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Prepping Home before it's Listed

  1. Exteriors:

    1. Is the yard free of debris:

      1. Tuck away garden hoses, misc yard tools, lawn mowers,

      2. Pull Trash bins inside the garage or shed possible

    2. Remove cars from the driveway. Let's park cars down the road instead of in front of the home so vehicles are not visible through windows while photographing interiors.

    3. Realtor Branding /signage will need to wait to go up until after our shoot please. If Signs are up we can take them down temporarily. This is especially important in cases where video or drone services are required.

  2. Interiors:

    1. Open all blinds and turn on all fixtures that you would like seen.

    2. Make sure bulbs are working and that all bulb colors in any given room or fixture are the same(some bulbs are white and some are yellow for example)

    3. Minimize clutter and Nick Nacks to make the spaces feel larger.

    4. Tuck away Family photos when possible. We want potential buyers visualizing themselves in the home.

    5. Tooth brushes, sponges, cleaning products and trash bins should be tucked away.

    6. Turn off TV’s and Computers

      1. Dedicated Movie theaters are an exception. Let's turn on the big screen in this space and dim the lights to set the mood for movie night)

    7. Tuck away loose Dog and Cat bowls, boxes and toys please.

    8. Watch for dust and cobwebs on those windowsills and ceiling fans!

    9. Wash windows and bathroom mirrors

    10. To speed up the time needed on site photographing the home Please vacate the property with any pets whenever possible. Even a long stroll with the pets will help speed up the process.

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